Tourism in Burundi

The geographical position of Burundi in the heart of Africa and its wonderful landscapes are making the country a real paradise which is sometimes called "The SWITZERLAND IN AFRICA." The soft and temperature climate in Burundi as well as the variety of its geographical structure are making the country the best place for holidays and relaxation.

All year long, the lake Tanganika remains attractive for all kind of fantastic fans: skiing water, sailing, fishing and many other activities which usually imply strolls along the lake. And beside the private swimming pools in some hotels or at the "Entente Sprotive Restaurant'" there are many beautiful places along the lake which are convenient for swimming, especially the public beach of KAJAGA, near the Hotel "Club du Lac Tanganika."

Bujumbura has plenty to offer in the way of entertainment. The tourist can dine beside the lake Tanganyika perhaps savoring a delicious local fish called the “Sangala,” and then spend the evening in a night club, relaxing in a friendly atmosphere.

Beautiful Landscapes

From the top to the mountains which constitute the peak Congo Nile, you have a beautiful view of the central plains and Gitega which is the second town of Burundi. The city of Gitega ia a peacful place with peculiar beauty and exquisite charm.

The route Bujumbura-Gitega goes via Muramvya (50 km from Bujumbura) through wonderful green landscapes. At 12 kilometers from Gitega, the road reaches Giheta, an artistic center for different works in leather, ceramic, ivory, wood-carvings.... This is the opportunity to memorize the trip in the area by purchasing some artistic works at the centre.

Fauna and Flora

The geographical structure of Burundi and the micro-climates within the country involve a diversity of vegetation. Thus, from the savanna to the steppers, through ombrophilous mountain forest, Burundi is a delightful blooming country. The fauna is quite rich and comprises different type of animals: antilopes, hares, buffalos, cynocephalus.

There are crocodiles and hippopotomus in Lake Tanganika where they can sometimes be seen form the shore. Beauty, variety and scientific value of Lake Tanganika, Ruvubu and Kibira are worthy of great interest of ecologists.